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Tolide Judo Kwai Origins

Welcome to Tolide Judo Kwai, a cornerstone of the Ft. Saskatchewan community since the fall of 1970. Founded by Mr. Robert Grunewald and Mr. John Van Doorn, our dojo has been a beacon of judo instruction, embodying the principles of fitness, confidence, mutual respect, self-discipline, and self-defense. Our name, translating from Japanese to “Fort Judo Club,” reflects our deep roots and commitment to the martial art of Judo.

From our humble beginnings in the gymnasium of the Ft. Saskatchewan Elementary School, Tolide Judo Kwai has navigated through various homes with resilience and support from the City of Ft. Saskatchewan. Our journey saw us moving from school gymnasiums to the basement of the Library, then to the old Home Hardware building, and later to the refurbished gymnasium on the “Old Jail” site. In 2004, our dedication and community spirit led us to our current home in the state-of-the-art Dow Centennial Centre, where we had the honor of hosting the highly successful 2005 Junior National Judo Championships.

Strong Judo Community

Our dojo’s strength and success are a testament to our tremendous volunteer spirit. We extend our deepest gratitude to the coaches, parents, and members who dedicate their time to teaching, refereeing, organizing, and supporting our club in countless ways. Your commitment is the backbone of our thriving judo community.

For over 50 years, Tolide Judo Kwai has been more than just a judo club; it’s a family dedicated to perfecting ourselves and contributing positively to society. Our dojo boasts an excellent facility equipped with high-quality tatami mats and a spring floor for increased safety and low impact, ensuring an optimal training environment for all ages.

As a well-established club with a history of producing highly skilled students, coaches, and referees, we pride ourselves on our experienced, caring instructors and our focus on community. Our volunteer-based approach allows us to offer family-friendly fees, making judo accessible to everyone.

Our goal is to encourage others to try judo and make it a lifelong interest. We invite you to join us at Tolide Judo Kwai, where you can embark on a transformative journey, mastering the art of judo while becoming part of a community that values courage, respect, and perseverance.

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Meet the Sensei

Keith Bibbey

Head Sensei - 5th Dan Black Belt
50 Years in Judo

Wesley Enns

4th Dan Black Belt
27 Years in Judo

Maija Merivirta

1st Dan Black Belt
28 Years in Judo

Holly Lessard

Brown Belt
33 Years in Judo

Michiko Maruyama-Fillion

1st Dan Black Belt
32 Years in Judo

Blake Fillion

Brown Belt
12 Years in Judo