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Here are some answers to common beginner questions.
  • What do I need to bring?  For the first few classes - just a water bottle, sandals and comfortable clothing (sweats are popular).  The class will order Judo Gi's (uniforms) or there are often many used ones for sale.
  • What should I not bring?  Don't be caught with hard objects or metal items on the mats (no watchs, hair clips...)
  • What is the youngest age that my kids can start Judo?  Usually six years of age is when most kids can focus and learn the required techniques without hurting themselves or others.
  • What if I'm an adult and want to learn?  Many parents join their kids in the beginner class.  There usually are enough adults that we have a "white belt" class to help teens and adults get up to speed faster than the youngsters.
  • If I used to do judo in the past and come back now, do I start with a white belt again? No, you always keep your grading (belt), but pace yourself appropriately.
  • Can disabled people join judo?  Yes, but it obviously depends on the disability as to what extent you can participate.  Come see us for help in determining what benefits Judo can bring to you.