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Welcome to the Tolide Judo Kwai 2015-2016 season!    We are glad you have come to join us!  The classes are Tuesday and Thursday 6:30-7:30 pm for ages 6-12 (parents participating in judo are also welcome in this class), and 7:30-9:00 pm ages 12 and up.  There is also a Sunday class from 3-4:30 PM which is for athletes who wish to practice their Kata or other techniques in preparation for grading

 Your child may be dropped off at the dojo no earlier than 15 mins before classes begin. Due to space restrictions we prefer that parents do not stay.  As well, children tend to listen better with their parents not watching them.   Please pick your children up on time.

Tolide Judo is a non profit group run only by VOLUNTEERS.  The Sensei's (teachers) volunteer their time.  I would like to take the opportunity to introduce and thank the Senseis for all their hard work.

Fees:  first family member $350 and each additional family member $225.  The season runs from Sept to mid June. There are optional classes in May and June Tuesday & Thursday 6:30-8:30 PM. Log on to to register.  You can register with Visa online or pay by check or cash to the FSMSA (Fort Saskatchewan Minor Sports Association) office. Receipts will be given and a child tax receipt will be issued in January.  All fees should be paid by October 31st.

Uniforms:  Judoka (students) must wear a gi to practice Judo.  We have many sizes for sale in the office. Prices range from $47-60, depending on the size. We also encourage you to post your used Gi for sale or swap on the bulletin board outside of the dojo. 

Lockers:  All coats and bags must be put into lockers, located in a change room by the front desk.   Please bring a lock and lock up your valuables.

Office:  is for senseis and registration-sales only. No students are to store bags, etc. in office. Change rooms are available in the Dow for your use. The office is not a change room.

Gi:  Please keep Gi's clean by washing frequently as they get dirty on the mats.   To shrink a new Gi, wash in hot water and dry.  It will shrink a couple inches.   For regular washing, use cold water and hang to dry.  Peroxide works well on stains.

For competitions Males wear no shirt under Gi top, females must wear a plain white crew neck t-shirt under Gi top.  It is a suggestion to wear gym shorts under your pants as well.

Females or males with long hair must tie it back in a ponytail. No metal clips or bobby pins are allowed on the mats. Please remove all jewellery before you come to class.


Hygiene:  Please keep your toenails and fingernails trimmed.  Feet and hands should be clean before entering the mat area. Please be respectful as we are all sharing the mats. If a sensei feels that a student needs to wash up, they will be sent immediately to do so in the Dow change rooms before returning to the mats. Please wash your Gi every 2 weeks or so.

** Judo is a close contact sport, please do not attend class if you have cold, which includes coughing or runny nose, flu, or any communicable disease.  Warts are also common, Please treat and keep covered with band aid or sports tape to keep from spreading to your fellow judoka.

Class Photo:  Will be taken on November 12th at apporximately 7:20pm.  Please wear a white Gi.  Previous pictures are hung in the office. 

Bathroom:  Located by front desk, please use before coming to judo.

Monthly Tournaments:  EYJS tournaments are held in our dojo once a month. All students yellow to green belt are eligible to fight.  Forms will be handed out prior to the tournament and can be brought in the day of tournament with $5 to register.  This is great experience for all students as clubs from the area will be here.  A white belt division is being considered as an addition to these tournaments. Volunteer Parents are always needed to set up, tear down, and score keep and time keep. With enough volunteers, this usually only takes 30 minutes prior to and following the tournament, and is greatly appreciated. If you are interested, we will train you!  This tournament cannot run without volunteers, so please show your support for the kids. This also improves your knowledge of the sport, and is the best seat in the house to watch your child compete.

Buddy Night: A night for anyone 5 and up to come try Judo on the last Thursday of every month.   A waiver will have to be signed in order to participate.

Fundraising:  We will be doing various fundraising this year…we will keep you posted on   when the meeting day will be. 

Tolide Judo also has a face book page @ Tolide Judo Kwai or check out our website  To Check out what’s happening in Judo in Alberta, please go to

Contact Keith Bibbey   780-998-5092