For your safety we have worked with the City of Ft. Saskatchewan to implement COVID 19 protocols consistent with government, Judo Canada and Judo Alberta recommendations. There are several changes as we start the season, due to COVID 19 and reduced hours at the DCC:

Dojo hours have been changed to Tuesdays and Thursdays, juniors 6:30-7:30, seniors 6:30-8 pm (combined class with seniors staying an additional 1/2 hour). Sundays will be 3-4:30 pm KATA ONLY (please select a kata partner or small kata cohort to consistently work with)

Judoka will need to perform an AHS screening prior to arriving at the dojo. A COVID questionnaire will be completed and brought to each class by each member, confirming good health.

All participants will arrive at the dojo with a mask and maintain 2 m distancing. Members will arrive at the Dow Centennial Centre in their judogi, as change rooms are not available at this time. Hand sanitizers will be used upon entering the DCC and a temperature screening will be done prior to entering the dojo.

For judo activities that require contact, cohorts of 8 or less will be made. Judoka are expected to only work with members within their cohort (cohorts will be determined at the club).

The mat area and high touch areas will be cleaned before and after each practice by DCC staff

To maintain distancing guidelines, we are not allowing spectators during the dojo practices.

Drinking fountains are no longer available at the DCC. Please bring a water bottle to each practice, clearly marked with the judoka’s name (Water bottle fill stations are still available at the DCC)