Dojo Rules

Judo is a very fun and social sport, but there are some rules that everybody must follow (even spectators) that keep it a safe and respected sport!

  • Be punctual at all practices
  • Help keep the dojo clean and in good repair (clean feet – sandals)
  • Wear traditional judo gi properly at all practice sessions
  • Women are to wear a white T-shirt under their gi
  • Wear the belt of your color earned
  • Keep your body clean and your finger and toenails trimmed
  • Remove all jewelry and hard objects while practicing
  • No food or gum while on the mat
  • Refrain from idle conversation while on the mats
  • Abstain from judo while under the influence of alcohol or medication
  • Remain quiet and attentive when not practicing
  • Be helpful and courteous to each other at all times
  • Use the correct form of standing or kneeling for bows
  • Sit in an acceptable manner while on the mats
  • Obey the instructions of the judo instructors
  • Address the instructors in the proper manner (sensei)
  • Accept instruction from an authorized instructor only
  • Practice only techniques appropriate to the ability of your partner
  • Engage in competition only when authorized by the instructor
  • Seek to practice with higher ranking opponents
  • Always follow the rules of the contest
  • Respect the referee’s decision at all times
  • Obey the dojo rules relating to first aid treatment

Basically – Be respectful of your instructors, other students and the facility at all times.