Club Information

Tolide Judo Kwai is a non-profit organization operating in the city of Fort Saskatchewan since 1970. This year we will be celebrating 50 years of judo in the Fort Saskatchewan community.

Tolide Judo Kwai translates to “Fort Judo Club” in Japanese. The club was founded by Robert Grunewald and John Van Doorn and was later passed to our club’s current head instructor Keith Bibbey, who has been teaching judo with Tolide since 1979. We are currently located at the Aux Sable Flex Hall in the Dow Centennial Centre and offer judo classes for all levels and ages 6+.

Judo is a combative sport that uses throws, holds, chokes, and locking techniques to defeat an opponent. The founder of Judo was Professor Jigoro Kano who was born in Mikage, Japan in 1860. His family moved to Tokyo where he joined the Teshin Shin ‘yo Ryu school of JuJitsu. He later studied Seigo-Ryu and Sekiguchi-Ryu JuJitsu. Professor Kano became frustrated by the lack of principles at these schools and decided to develop his own martial art utilizing effective techniques applied with the sound principles of physics.

Kano called his martial art Judo.  Judo translated means “the gentle way”, referring to the way the techniques uses the opponents motion and strength against him. Judo had its humble beginnings in June, 1882 in Toyko. The first practice hall (dojo) was founded at the Eishoji Temple. This small dojo was to become the mother school of Judo, known today as The Kodokan.

Kodokan Judo was introduced to the rest of the world by Kano and his students.  It quickly gained popularity and is now practiced in more than 100 countries. In 1964, Judo was introduced as an Olympic sport and it was the first martial arts in the Olympics.